If you're looking for a place to visit during your honeymoon or even your vacation, Korea is definitely the best choice for you! Sakura travel agency is offering you some reasonable packages for you and your family! Our travel agency focused more on travel, food, culture & romantic environment.

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Korea is a country of two distinct aspects, the traditional and historic as well as the sleek and the new. The country is determined to leave its troubles behind and has entered the new millennium with a renewed optimism and passion. 
Despite the ever widening gap between these two, the former has not completely displaced the latter. 
These days most towns consist of a new, fashionable area, where discos, karaoke bars, coffee shops and stores sell a variety of goods – everything from designer-label clothing to freshly baked French bread. But in these same towns you will also find the old Korea ; street markets formed in an intriguing maze where vendors sell everything from food, fruits, vegetables and seafood just as they have done for hundreds of years before. 
Korea has much to offer, the avid traveler and many believe it to be the unspoiled gem of Asia. It possesses largely untouched natural landscapes, a vibrant history with traditional culture and local people who are friendly, welcoming and curious.

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